Play it safe.

It’s important to have as much information as possible when you’re making choices about what you, or your family, is ready to play. An informed decision is a safe decision, and Armorsmith wants to help with that. Whether you are a parent, looking to understand what your child is experiencing in the games they play, or just a person making the call for themselves, we want to provide you with the facts about what a game contains. We hope our information allows you to prepare yourself before seeing something that you might find upsetting, or allow you to make the call to sit this one out.

Armorsmith reviews are…


We aren’t a review site, and aren’t interested in being one. We love all kinds of games, and games are going to be enjoyed differently by everyone. We try to list the content of a game in the most objective way possible, so you can get the facts – and only the facts – about what a game contains.


You shouldn’t have to read all the details about a game’s winding plot to find what you’re looking for. By listing our points with only as much information as necessary, you can learn what you need to, without spoiling the story for yourself.


We are still in the early stages of building our website, but as we do, we want to make sure that things stay easy to find, sort, and understand. Please let us know what changes and updates we can make, to make our information more easily available to you, and please bear with us as we get fully set up!

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Who is Armorsmith?

Armorsmith is a small team that was just surprised that this didn’t already exist. We are passionate about games, and want everyone to have safe and comfortable access to what they want to play, or what their children want to play. We hope we can help provide the tools to make that possible.