Help Us Grow

Armorsmith is still in its very early stages, and is being maintained by a very small team. You can help out in the following ways:

Submit A Game

If you know of a game that needs content warnings, that is not a part of our list yet, we would love it if you’d submit it to us. Please review our rating guide when considering what information may be pertinent to pass along, but we appreciate any and all submissions.

Request A Game

If you have a game you would like to see a content list for, but have not played, feel free to request that we add the game to the list. We will do our best to prioritize requested games, within the scope of our ability to acquire and investigate them.

Corrections? Suggestions?

We’d love to hear those too. If we have something incorrect, or you’d like to offer a general suggestion about something we could be doing better, let us know!

To get in touch with us about any of these, or any other, topics, please feel free to contact us.